Killzone: Shadow Fall Developer’s Diary Emerges

Ever since we got our first taste of Killzone: Shadow Fall at the PlayStation 4 reveal event in February, we’ve been wanting more. It was one of the first looks we ever got at a next generation title running on high-end technology, and many gamers were left highly impressed by the original trailer.

It has now been three months, and we’re still very eager to find any new information on the upcoming console generation and the very important launch titles that could make or break either console.

Now the developers behind the next Killzone title have released the first video in their “Conversations with creators” series, which is set to be a series of developer’s diaries where they’ll walk you through various features and bring you up to speed on all the changes that have happened between games and game engines.

Shadow Fall is due out for a Holiday 2013 release alongside the upcoming Sony flagship console, the PlayStation 4, as an exclusive launch title.