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Grid 2 ‘Tokyo Drift’ Guide – How To

This guide aims on helping you out on getting the ‘Tokyo Drift’ Achievement/Trophy in Grid 2. What you need to do to get this achievement/trophy is; score 350,000 drift points in Okutama with Mazda RX-7 RZ or a Nismo R34T-R Z-Tune.

Create a custom race event with the following settings:

  • Race Type: Drift
  • Vehicle Tier: Tier 2
  • Rounds: Round 1
  • AI Drivers: Very Easy
  • Flashbacks (Advanced Options): Unlimited
  • Track Selection: Okutama; Tenshi Way; Day
  • Vehicle: Nissan Nismo R34T-R Z-Tune or Mazda RX-7 RZ

Like in every other racing game out there, the drift points in Grid 2 depends upon two things; a high speed and angle of drift. Multipliers also play an integral role in getting a high score. Drifting around corners and near the pylons will give you 2x, 3x and even 4x. So make sure to do that!

As the race starts, quickly gain speed and drift around the beginning of track to score a few thousand points. Next thing you should do is to get a good speed and get close to three pylons ahead with 1-2 quick drifts. You should have about 100,000 points after the first hairpin.

Keep gaining speed and do a long and swift drift around the next pair of pylons – you should have about 170,000 points by now. Exit the 3rd hairpin with another big drift and you would have around 100,000 more points. Don’t forget to pay attention to your speed; it is very important.

Now, it’s time for the most important and probably the most difficult part. The last stage of the track will have 4 pylons.

Don’t try to get close to the first pylon as you will crash – just maintain a good speed here and do as good as you can to score some good points before the race ends. Keep these things in mind and you will unlock the achievement within no time.

Also note that you have unlimited flashbacks so put them to use still if you don’t get the achievement/trophy – restart before the finish line.