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Dota 2 – Eastern Qualifiers and G-1 League LAN Finals End

What an amazing week of Dota that this one has been!

Firstly the G-1 Champions League LAN Finals in Shanghai, China which featured 6 of the 13 invited teams for The International has ended with a very impressive victory for the Swedish team Alliance, who didn’t drop a single game.

It also featured a very disappointing performance from the world champions Invictus Gaming who’ve only won one game out of 5 and didn’t make it past the first phase. Prize allocation is the following:

  • 1st place – Alliance 40.000$
  • 2nd place – LGD 13.000$
  • 3rd place – Orange 5.000$
  • 4th place – Team DK 3.200$
  • 5th and 6th place – Team Liquid and Invictus Gaming 1.600$ each

In case you’ve missed it, you can watch all the action in this organized Youtube playlist with all games in chronological order with amazing production value and casted by the Beyond The Summit crew, including the World Allstars vs China Allstars fun match and the ending Champagne Ceremony.

As for the Eastern Qualifier, its level was significantly higher than the Western. As expected, the 3rd place in the last edition of The International, LGD (who as shown above, achieved a 2nd place in G-1) managed to secure themselves their slot in the tournament with the biggest prizepool in gaming history.

With a lot of teams such as MiTh-Trust or Mineski showing great promise even if they lost, it was very impressive to see how the teams in the final playoff fared against the veteran LGD.

In the end, the team that secured the wildcard slot and will battle against the runner up from the west DD.Dota was RaTtLeSnAke, who’ve managed to beat both Rising Stars and ViCi Gaming in the final playoff.

Again, in case you’ve missed all the action, the great people at Beyond The Summit have arranged a Youtube playlist.

On another note, IceFrog has released a new balance patch so these might be your last days of abusing Lifestealer in public games!