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Cover Art Revealed for Quantum Break

It’s been just over one week since the Xbox One reveal event and there’s less than two weeks until E3, so any and all information on any of the next-generation games is important. We know that the Xbox One has fifteen console exclusive games planned, one of which is Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment.

It was revealed at the Xbox One reveal event on May 21, showing off a very interesting blend of live-action scenes and CGI that didn’t explain much about the game (Or the supposed television tie-in series), but was certainly impressive to watch.

Today on the official Facebook page we got to see what the official box art for Quantum Break will look like. Unfortunately it doesn’t explain any more, so we’re left with plenty of mystery and enigma to dwell on, but we at least get to see some more brilliant artwork for the game.

If we speculate, there’s a couple of things we might be able to take from this image. For one, the gun-toting man who I’m assuming is the protagonist appears to be time-shifting into place. Behind him is the woman who we saw in the live-action scenes during the original trailer.

It seems like the man might be taking advantage of the mysterious quantum powers, whilst I presume the woman will be at the heart of the mystery. How it all ties together remains to be seen, but I’m quite keen to find out.

You can check out the full-size image below. What do you think is coming in this mysterious new title? With just a few more days until E3, I can’t wait to find out more.