New Disney Infinity Trailer Features Toy Box Racing

A brand-new trailer for Disney Infinity recently surfaced introducing the famous Disney and Pixar characters in Toy Box racing. How cool is that?

In the universe of Disney Infinity, players can create whatever they want as there are no boundaries. You can make your own virtual characters, toys, surroundings, racing tracks and much more with Infinity Toy Box. As you can read from the description of the video, “There are no rules,” that certainly means that you can create anything whatsoever!

Take a sneak peek at the trailer yourself where players customize their own racing tracks and characters and take on other racers in an exciting racing battle.

Disney Infinity was announced in January and will include physical toys into virtual gameplay with around 40 collectibles.

This sandbox multi-platform game is expected to release on 18th August on all home consoles (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Wii-U & Nintendo 3DS).What do you think of the new trailer? Do tell us in the comment section below!