Mirror’s Edge 2: Another Listing Mentions Xbox One Release

A second listing for Mirror’s Edge 2 has been spotted, shedding some hope for fans of the first-person platformer.

Last week Amazon Germany listed the sequel to be appearing for the Xbox 360. Today another listing has appeared, this time by Amazon Italy which puts the game for the new Xbox One.

However, the recent listing brings more details than the first one. According to the post, Mirror’s Edge 2 will be released on January 1… 2020 – got you! The date is of course just a place-holder and will be changed later on.

EA has mostly kept pretty quite regarding Mirror’s Edge 2. Initially the publisher had announced that work on a sequel was being planned but later the project was said to be put on a hiatus following poor sales of the original game.

With E3 coming next month, it’s possible that EA takes the stage to finally confirm Mirror’s Edge 2. It’s also interesting to note that so far both listings have mentioned Microsoft’s consoles only. Is it possible that the sequel will see to an exclusive release for Microsoft only?