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Check out this Resident Evil Café in Japan

For once Japan gives the world something crazy that is still amazingly awesome. Similar to the League of Legends Café in China, there is now a Resident Evil themed bar/grill in Japan.

Now if eating at a restaurant named ‘Biohazard’ turns you off, just remember that Biohazard is just the Japanese name for the Resident Evil series (or perhaps I should say Resident Evil is the western name for the Biohazard series?).

The restaurant is filled with all kinds of cool Resident Evil themed stuff. All the waitresses are dressed like S.T.A.R.S and there are all kinds of references to the game in the decorations, such as framed newspapers reporting on the actions of the Umbrella Corporation (called the ‘Daily Raccoon’).

There’s also a bunch of S.T.A.R.S badges hung on the walls and the dishes also look like something that came out of the game (and still look quite tasty). You can also get a look at the infamous typewriter save points in real life as there is one stored in a glass case on display.

The coolest thing by far that was on display, however, was the life-size tyrant contained in the stasis chamber in the center of the café. Seriously, that is awesome.

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