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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Showing Confirmed for E3

DICE has confirmed that they will be showing off the multiplayer component of Battlefield 4 for the very first time during E3 next month.

The developer also added that the press will be able to experience the multiplayer for themselves on the show-floor.

“We’ve heard from millions of fans that multiplayer is what you want to see most – The wait is almost over,” said DICE in a post on the Battlefield Blog.

“E3 2013 will feature hours of Battlefield 4 multiplayer footage; both at the special EA event on June 10th and streaming live from the E3 showroom floor where we will be inviting attendees to play and compete in Battlefield 4 multiplayer .

“Not coming to E3? No problem. You will be able to catch live streams of the entire E3 experience, including extensive footage from live, unscripted multiplayer matches, complete with commentary.”

Currently DICE has not provided any further information regarding the streams. We’ll update this post soon with the relative links and any other detail that DICE lets out.