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Arrest Me and Sensitive Information Gets Released, Threatens Xbox One Leaker

This setup carries too much resemblance to one of those Hollywood movies where a high-profile government firm is being led around by the hacker-nerd.

Superdae is someone who is responsible for all the earlier leaks about the upcoming next-gen consoles. It was him alone that brought out the DRM and used-game rumors for the Xbox One months before the reveal. He is also the same one who was earlier trying to sell Xbox development kits on ebay.

Not only that, the guy let go most of the major technical specifications for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One months before either was revealed. This allowed most core-gamers to start comparing both consoles based on their specifications, hardware and architecture.

Well you can’t keep poking Microsoft and Sony and expect them not to retaliate.

In a earlier report by Gizmodo, Superdae suspected that he would soon be raided by the police. So instead of skipping town, he issued a threat that he’s got tons of other secrets and damaging info; all stored neatly onto a FTP which goes live for everyone to read if he doesn’t login every 24 hours.

The threat didn’t entertain the FBI though because Superdae was indeed raided and charged by the police with undisclosed crimes. However, he was soon granted bail.