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Xbox One Slide Reveals Words with Friends

Since the announcement last week, a few tidbits of information have been showing up about Microsoft’s next flagship console, the Xbox One.

A new tile on the Xbox 360 dashboard shows off several of the Xbox One’s functions in a short slideshow. Many of the features are things that we got to see at the reveal event, but there are a couple of new things that you might not have noticed.

Words with Friends, the popular Scrabble-esque game from Zynga makes an appearance in the slide show, heavily suggesting that the game will be available on the new console.

You can find the information on the “Multitasing is a Snap” slide, which details information on the new multitasking and snap features for the Xbox One. On this page you’ll see a number of apps that are pinned to the UI, one of those being the Words with Friends app.

Neither Zynga or Microsoft have made any official announcement about this or any other Zynga games on the Xbox One.