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Want to appear in Watch Dogs?

How many of you have ever wanted to star in a video game in some way? Not as a casual name, or a small Easter egg, but as a larger feature of the game as a whole. Well, Ubisoft might help you to realize that dream.

A new competition now available on Facebook is allowing 15 lucky people to have their appearance included in Watch_Dogs as the pedestrians that make up the life of the city.

There’s a couple of restrictions, such as being over 18 and having a Facebook account as well as a Uplay account. The biggest wall is that you have to be a resident of the US to take part.

You can sign up now to take advantage of the offer, if you’re eligible. Ubisoft will randomly select 15 of the entrants to be represented as pedestrians, and another 50 will get some exclusive Watch Dogs wallpapers and will have their information used for a variety of promotions, presumably centering around the digital shadows you cast.