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Possible New Halo Game ‘Bootcamp’ Leaked

A mix up involving Microsoft and the Korean ratings board has resulted in the accidental outing of what may be the next Halo game. There is little yet known about the game – titled Bootcamp – but Microsoft has been surprisingly open on the topic.

According to MS, Bootcamp is “It is not related to our Xbox One efforts, or the Reclaimer Saga”, but is rather “a project we’re very enthusiastic about and will have more to say about in the very near future.”

The most exciting bit about this rumor is that it might be a PC game. The Halo franchise has not seen one of those since way back when Halo 2 Vista was released (after numerous delays). Furthermore, it’s supposed to be a Third-person shooter. The description of the listing calls it “A TPS game based on ‘Halo’ universe where player complete various types of missions.”

The name ‘Bootcamp’ is most likely a reference to the training facility where the Spartan II’s were raised, including John 117 (or Master Chief) according to the Halo: Fall of Reach novel by Eric Nylund.

We still don’t know who’s going to be developing the game but we’re hoping Microsoft shows it to us on E3, they said they had more to say about it in the ‘very near future’.

Sources: Neogaf and Gameranx