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Microsoft Filing Complaints to Acquire Xbox One Domain Names

Think Xbox One had enough controversies? Well, think again! Microsoft recently issued a claim against a citizen in United Kingdom over the domain names – & – this is according to the National Arbitration Forum’s Database.

In case you don’t know, National Arbitration Database aims on resolving the altercation regarding domain before they seek legislative help.

In order to win the case, Microsoft must prove that the resident owned the domain name with bad intentions that includes, checking the trademark owner from claiming it (which in this case is XboxOne), trying to sell the domain name to its respective trademark owner, or creating a site so as to baffle the users.

Microsoft filed the case number 1501205 on 23rd May, 2013, precisely two days after the unveiling of Xbox One. Moreover, only a single complaint is filed for both of the domain names.

Microsoft is recently facing a lot of controversies following the unveiling of their next-gen console called Xbox One. You can read all about Xbox One and Microsoft’s press conference on our website.

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