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Xbox One Will Feature Remote Play

So some new features of the Xbox One have recently come to light thanks to Polygon and one of them seems really similar to the PS4’s remote play. Not to say that anybody is ripping anyone else off of course (if you see a smart feature that would look good on your console, you put it in).

It seems that if you’re playing a rather difficult section of a game, you can call up a friend on Skype and ask them to basically take over the game for a while. You can watch them on your screen as they play through the section and can interrupt the game and take back control with a single button press.

It’s not clear yet whether this feature will require the other player to own the game on his console as well but I suppose time will tell.

Also in the same report Polygon said that another feature they saw was something I personally find a little unnerving. Apparently, the Kinect is watching you as you game, and if another person walks into the room with you it will recognize through facial recognition that this is a stranger. It will mention this and request the new person to identify themselves and store that information for presumably nefarious purposes.

Jokes aside, Microsoft have also stated that “In the days since we announced Xbox One there has been a lot of random speculation about various features and potential future scenarios for Xbox One”. They also said that they “look forward to sharing more details at a later date, but aren’t discussing anything further at this time.”