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Xbox One Games Will Require Online Checks – No Extra Charge on Used Games

Rejoice! An interesting piece of information from a reliable source – well-known to Xbox One – has confirmed that there will be no fee for playing used games on Xbox One but it will require some online checks to verify the legitimacy of the game being used.

It is quite obvious that an internet connection will be a must for this function to carry out, Microsoft is also pondering over giving away some codes with games that will be available for a few selective people who might not have an internet connection with them all the time for example soldiers.

According to our sources, Microsoft is planning on clearing both these matters – online checks and a fee for playing used games – sometime before E3 2013. However, which tactic will they use to authenticate the used games is still a controversy and it kind of explains the reluctance Microsoft employees are showing when talking about this matter in general.

During an official Q & A with a Microsoft official, the spokesperson announced that Xbox One does not, “have to be always connected, but does require a connection to the Internet.” In another interview with Kotaku, Microsoft’s Phil Harrison said that an internet connection is a must for Xbox One to function. Not like 24/7 online but sometime during a 24 hours scenario.

However, how much time can elapse between these online checks is uncertain but these checks are necessary for games to function.

Xbox One will verify the authentication of a particular game on it’s own by a specific code built-in the game and when you will install that game, the code will be tied to your Xbox One’s hard drive by the authentication system.

How this exactly works is somewhat like this; when a person installs a particular game on another system, the game will automatically reauthorize itself to the new system thus removing any verification with the previous system whatsoever.

A statement from Microsoft’s Larry Hryb AKA Major Nelson was issued on his blog yesterday regarding the mechanism of used games still keeps everyone in dark. What he wrote is, “the ability to trade in and resell games is important to gamers and to Xbox.” He further added that all the rumors arising about Xbox One blocking used games are incorrect and incomplete and the company will clarify the matter in coming days.