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Visceral Games Recruiting For Next ‘Star Wars’ Game

‘Star Wars’ games? Some ray of light is here. After the annulment of Lucas Arts and erasure of many ‘Star Wars’ games in the process of making has rather made the future of the franchise quite vague.

Evidently, there is a small bunch of fans that don’t know how to deal with the news of Electronic Arts looking over all ‘Star Wars’ video games from now on, a large number still remains well buoyant as they think the franchise is still in good hands that would allow it flourish more than ever!

Gamers are hoping that people at Battlefield 3 developers, DICE, are still working hard to revivify Battlefront 3. And in the meantime, a group of domain registrations indicate towards new ‘Star Wars’ games – actually one of them belong to a TV animated series. Any official word from Electronic Arts is put to rest. However a job entry from Visceral Games indicate that they are developing at least one game for the next-gen ‘Star Wars’.

Although it’s not possible but still if you are not familiar with the Visceral Games; they are the creative studio behind popular franchises such as Dead Space 3 and Dante’s Inferno. Anyway, the job description in discussion clearly states that the ‘Star Wars’ title in the making is both for current-gen and next-gen consoles.

You can read the full description of the job, here.

If you are familiar with Dead Space 3, you must have an idea of what kind of environment, gameplay, and story-telling let alone Alien and strange living beings Visceral Games can provide. It won’t come out of nowhere if EA ask the developers to make something like that (Dead Space 3).

On the side note, we just can’t let Dante’s Inferno completely ignored. It also has very thin chances that EA would ask Visceral Games to come up with a more button-mashing combat system like the one in Star Wars: Force Unleashed series. However, this idea may sound less appealing to most of the fans as Dante’s Inferno didn’t get quite that much fame, and most of the people called it as God of War rip-off.

It’s only a matter of time now. E3 is approaching fast, and we know we can expect a ‘Star Wars’ announcement there if not some gameplay.