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Microsoft Doesn’t Violate Motorola Patents, ITC Rules

In December of 2010, Motorola brought Microsoft in front of the International Trade Commission on the grounds that its patents were infringed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360. The battle finally ended on May 23 when the International Trade Commission confirmed that the Xbox 360 does not infringe on Motorola patents.

The Motorola – Microsoft battle is related to the smartphone patent war, according to Reuters. Apple, Microsoft and companies using Google’s Android such as Motorola are involved.

Motorola alleged that the Xbox 360 violated federal tariff laws because it infringed on five Motorola patents as related to H.264 video encoding and wireless communication standards. An ITC administrative law judge gave a preliminary ruling in favor of Motorola on four of the patents in April.

Microsoft and Motorola filed motions terminating several patent claims under investigation, with the ITC ruling other claims to be invalid. That left just one patent — U.S. patent No. 6,069,896, covering peer-to-peer wireless networks. Earlier, an ITC judge ruled that Microsoft did not violate this patent, and the ITC decided not to further review the ruling, making its decision final.

If Motorola had won on its patent claims, Microsoft would’ve found difficulty in importing its console in locations Motorola holds its patents, such as the U.S. and Germany.