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EA to Use Two Seperate Game Engines for its Sports and Non-Sports titles

Electronic Arts announced earlier this week that its sports engine Ignite would power almost all of its future games. In an interview with Polygon, EA Sports Andrew Wilson, executive vice president of EA Sports, said EA’s looking to use the Frostbite Engine for its non-sports titles.

This points to a two-game-engine future for EA, at least for this generation. If you watched the Xbox One reveal, you probably got to see Ignite in action. Well, sort of.

If the footage of EA Sport’s Ignite engine had you salivating, you might want to sit down. According to Wilson, the footage it showed from next-gen FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and its UFC games was pre-rendered.

Wilson explained that EA used pre-rendered footage with “real game assets” (whatever that means).

“It was all pre-rendered,” said Wilson to Polygon. “Listen, we’re not hiding behind that fact. This was an event that we’ve been planning for a number of months on a new platform. And what we wanted to do was use real game assets, so they’re all real game assets, straight out of our game teams, but we had to get it into a format that would be usable in this style of event.”

In other words, the actual in-game footage isn’t usable for display in front of a room of video game journalists and a world of video game fans watching online and on TV. That’s not exactly comforting when it comes to debuting a new games system.

“What I’m really happy to say, though, is that our games right now are delivering on that, and in some cases more,” Wilson said, “and we’re going to show a lot more of that at E3 in a couple of weeks. And then by the time we get to launch, the sky’s the limit of where we get to.”

The pre-rendered footage, according to Wilson, is “following where our games are going and certainly in line with what we’re seeing in our games right now on console.”

Let’s remember how unimpressive the Xbox 360 looked until we saw it running on HD. It didn’t start to truly look like a “next-gen” console until Gears of War came out.