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A New System “Over-watch” Being Introduced to Check Cheaters in CS: GO

Think you are good at Counter Strike: Global Offensive? Why not become an ‘Investigator’? Hardcore Counter Strike: Global Offensive players AKA ‘Investigators’ can now issue a temporary ban on any player they think of cheating in the game with a new anti-cheat system called ‘Over-watch‘. The studio behind the game, Valve, has already initiated the beta testing phase for ‘Over-watch’. Doesn’t the name ring a bell? Yes, the new anti-cheat program is named after the police squad in Valve’s famous First-Person Shooter; Half-Life 2.

How this works is simple, when a player files a report against other player whom they accuse of cheating somehow. The ‘Investigators’ receive a notification and they can then watch their gameplay for a specified amount of time before declaring them as culprits and sending any notification to Valve to further review the case. However, personal hatred towards someone don’t stand a chance as there are multiple ‘Investigators’ looking after a complaint.

Now, how to become an ‘Investigator’? It’s simple. It all depends upon your time spent in the game, age of your account and number of complaints filed against you. If your decision of declaring someone as culprits matches with most of the other ‘Investigators’, you will have more influence on it and your decision will have more account.

Valve also promises to make ‘Over-watch’ more and more better as it comes out of its beta phase. Moreover, it will always going to be handled by ‘Investigators’.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an online First-Person Shooter developed by Valve which got released on 21st August, 2012 on Xbox Live, Playstation Network and Steam.