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Xbox One Lets Users Share Gold Accounts, New Follower System for Friends

According to Microsoft, Xbox Live Gold memberships on the Xbox One work on both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, with multiple users able to share the same account.

“If you have an Xbox Gold membership today for 360 and you buy an Xbox One, your membership applies to both systems,” said Microsoft’s Phil Harrison in an interview with Polygon. “You don’t have to get another subscription.”

Harrison continued: “Anybody who has usage privilege on that machine can use it.” Meaning that you don’t need multiple subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold to have access to its online content.

Whereas on the Xbox 360, each user needed a separate Gold account if they wanted to play their games online. On the Xbox One, users can share Gold accounts and still have access to their personalized features and friends.

“We want to make sure that you and your son both have your own account,” said Microsoft’s Ben Kilgore. “We want you log in to get your stuff, and when he logs in to get his stuff. On that console, if you have Gold, he can use Gold as well.”

According to Kilgore, Microsoft is working on how players follow and friend each other, possibly allowing one-way relationships similar to Twitter’s follower system. That’s “something that’s under development right now,” said Kilgore.