Xbox One vs PS4: A Comparison of Specs

By   /   May 22, 2013

With Microsoft announcing the Xbox One yesterday, it now comes down to the versus debate. How does the firm’s next-gen entry fare off against the PlayStation 4? and just for kicks we’ll add in the Wii U as well, which was supposedly Nintendo’s attempt at a next-gen console.

Note that both Sony and Microsoft have only revealed limited information regarding the hardware. For example, in yesterday’s announcement Microsoft left out information on the GPU; something that consumers were anxious to know. We’ll probably get to know the complete listing at E3 in June.

A most notable difference between all three consoles is in the memory department. Both the PS4 and Xbox One feature 8GB, while the Wii U only 2GB. Rumor has it that the PS4 was initially going for 7GB but decided to increase it to match Microsoft’s at the last moment.

However, at the end it all comes down to games. Sony has done well by revealing their launch lineup and it looks great. Microsoft on the other hand mostly just talked about using the Xbox One as a television accessory, with games ranging from the usual sports genre to Call of Duty.


Xbox OnePlayStation 4Nintendo Wii U
Processor8-core x86 CPU8-core x86 CPUTri-core IBM PowerPC 1.24Ghz
GPUAMD poweredNext-gen AMD Radeon, runs at 1.84 TflopsAMD Radeon running at 550MHz
Storage500GB HDDUnknown8GB-32GB
Optical DriveBlu-rayBlu-rayBlu-ray
HDMIIn and OutOut, In unknownOut
PortsUSB 3.0, 802.11n, Direct ConnectUSB 3.0, Ethernet, 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.1USB 2.0×4, 802.11n
PriceUnknownUnknown$299 – $349
Backward CompatibilityNoNoYes, with Wii
Release DateLate 2013Late 2013Now

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