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Xbox One to Allow Instant Saves and Starts

Just like the PlayStation 4, the instant nature of the Xbox One allows for game resumes from a cold start. (Think the iPad and how you can switch apps and go back into your game without a hitch.) This means you can effectively save your game at any point.

Polygon spoke with corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business Ben Kilgore, who said, “One of things that we haven’t talked about is the way the saved game architecture works…It’s more like a phone a little bit. So you are not going to lose your save game stuff as you are switching between tasks.”

This doesn’t mean the end of traditional save points, as game designers will still have the option of incorporating them, said Kilgore. All games, however, can be stopped and resumed instantly.

Kilgore demonstrated this by saying a player could stop playing one day, say “Xbox: On” another day and the Xbox One is “going to bring you right back to where you were in the game.”

Pause is now a universal feature, and the simple command of “Xbox: Pause” allows users to pause whatever they are doing, be that watching a movie, listening to music or playing a game.