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Star Wars Announcement at E3, Battlefield 4 Confirmed for Xbox One

With Xbox One finally disclosed yesterday morning, creators and publishers can now at last talk about their plans for future, and not a vague future but actual games that we gamers can look forward to.

Electronic Arts was there at the Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal and it was pretty evident that the studio wanted to keep their sports department in spotlight. But they have also hinted at what gamers can expect from the studio at E3.

It is quite obvious that we will be able to see Battlefield 4 which according to Electronic Arts will release on all home consoles that includes Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Xbox One. We have already seen what Battlefield 4 would look like in March when the studio released the game’s 17 minute pre-alpha gameplay. To put into EA’s Frank Gibeau’s words,

“That demo was actually showcasing the next generation of Battlefield, which will run on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and will also be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.”

Hold your excitement! There is more to come. Not only Battlefield 4 will be making to the stage at E3 but Electronic Arts has also confirmed a number of other games including a new Need for Speed, sports games and according to EA a, “first look at our plans for the Star Wars partnership with Disney.”

Electronic Arts has confirmed several Star Wars games that are in the making but won’t release until 2014 at the earliest but that certainly doesn’t mean we won’t be hearing anything about it. All we do know for sure is that BioWare, Visceral Games and DICE are individually working on a Star Wars game. So let’s keep our fingers crossed.

We also know that these games are in development not for long so we might not get some real gameplay footage but there are other things that can make an appearance at the conference. Hopes are high for a rebooted version of some game, we speculate it to be Need For Speed: Underground.

Let’s wait and watch! E3 come already.