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Ryse Confirmed as an Exclusive Title for Xbox One

We speculated about it and it was mostly confirmed yes; but it’s always great getting an official confirmation from Crytek that Ryse is going to be an exclusive title for the Xbox One.

The announcement came today on the developer’s website where it added that the game will be a “controller-based experience enhanced by Kinect.”

Ryse was first announced at E3 in 2010 and then again in E3 2011, where Microsoft demonstrated how players could use the Kinect to perform actions in the hack-and-slash title, specifically kicking enemies in the gut and performing an overhead sword slash.

The game is set in the Roman Empire where players take on the role of a soldier who can be fully controlled using the Kinect.

Seemingly Ryse was supposed to release earlier but was then decided to be shifted over for the next-gen. Microsoft has confirmed that they will be showcasing the game, again, at E3 next month. It’s highly probable that Ryse will be part of Microsoft’s launch lineup for Xbox One.