Quantum Break is Remedy’s Exclusive Title for Xbox One

Remedy Entertainment announced an all new IP called Quantum Break which will be exclusive to Microsoft’s just announced Xbox One console.

The game is going to be just one of 15 exclusive titles which Microsoft has confirmed to be available in the first year of Xbox One’s launch; eight of which will be all-new franchises.

Quantum Break attempts to “blur the line between television and gameplay, integrating the two into one seamless, uniquely immersive experience.” A teaser trailer released introduces two characters with strange powers. When the young girl touches the woman near her ear, the viewer is transported into a video game world just in time to see a ship on collision course with a bridge.

Remedy Entertainment has previously been behind the first two Max Payne titles, which I believe to be better than the third installment, and of course the Alan Wake franchise.

Quantum Break is scheduled for release later this year for the Xbox One but it’s unknown if it will be part of the console’s launch lineup.