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Design of Xbox One Demystified

If you were curious about the design decisions that Microsoft have made in regards to the new Xbox One then worry no longer. Microsoft opened some of the hardware labs for the media to play around in and explained some of the through processes that went behind the overall design.

First off, the color; in a nutshell, Microsoft wanted to bring it in line with some of its other hardware like the surface and to give it the feel of an entertainment industry product. A lot of the decisions were made by keeping in mind the goal of distinguishing it from the Xbox 360 and keeping the theme in line with other Microsoft products.

The Xbox One logo is a little different as well, getting rid of the green in the logo and replacing it with a black X contained in a white circle that glows when the console/kinect/controller is connected.

Speaking about the controller, it seems to have gone through some changes as well, though it may not seem like it at first. The design team says there are about 40 differences, and here are the ones that you should be interested in.

First off, the directional pads and joysticks are immediately noticeable. The sides of the joysticks are beveled and textured to give what the MS people call the ‘knurling’ effect. This creates better grip, both for people who use the tops of the joysticks and those who push them from side-to-side.

As for the D-Pad, you’ll see that those hideous circular disk things are nowhere to be seen. Instead we have the traditional cross-shaped directional pad. Just the way God intended.

Another significant change has to do with the triggers. The folks at Microsoft have added rumble motors underneath the triggers and changed the technology that detects button presses so that they are now more sensitive to squeezes than ever.

Apart from these details, there is still plenty to be revealed. So stay tuned for more details in the near future.