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Xbox One: Skype Confirmed and will Allow Group Video Calls

Microsoft’s new Xbox One console will also feature the use of Skype, which will avail Kinect’s camera to enable you to do group video calls.

“Not only will you get Skype on your living room TV with the best camera available, but you’ll be able to do group calls,” Mehdi said.

Available in widescreen HD, users can also take advantage of the new ‘Snap Mode’ to stick the Skype call on the side of your display screen. Doing so will enable you to continue on with your current work and you won’t have to back out of your applications in order to receive or call someone.

“Only on Xbox One will you be able to do group video calls on your TV,” said Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi.

Taking advantage of the software’s support for voice commands, users can answer calls by simply saying “Xbox, answer call”, as demonstrated by Mehdi by showing a Skype conversation happening while watching a video.

In January, Microsoft announced it was retiring its Windows Messenger service and replacing it with Skype. The company transitioned all Messenger users to the new service in April.