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Steven Spielberg To Direct New Halo TV Series

Today 343 Industries confirmed that they would be launching a brand new live-action series much like their Forward Unto Dawn series. In a shock announcement, they also confirmed that movie directing legend Steven Spielberg would be joining the team to direct this new series.

Nancy Tellem, president of Microsoft’s entertainment and digital media arm, came on stage to talk about the new television components of the Xbox One. Whilst discussing how they intend to blend the interactivity of the Xbox One with the “storytelling magic of television”, she introduced 343 Industries and Steven Spielberg onto the stage to announce this new televised franchise based in the Halo universe.

No details have emerged yet on when this series will take place in consideration of the rich lore of the Halo series, but it’s imagined to take place at some point during the current events surrounding the end of Halo 4 and the upcoming Halo 5.