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Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console is Called Xbox One

Microsoft’s conference is well underway and their new console has been unveiled to be Xbox One, which will come with a new Kinect and a slightly redesigned controller.

As speculated before, the new console is indeed going to be your one step solution to your home entertainment system. Microsoft’s Senior Vice President Yusuf Mehdi took the stage and talked of how the Xbox One comes with an incredible support for live television.

“What if a single device could provide all your entertainment,” he asked. “What if it could turn on your TV and talk to all the devices in your living room?”

To begin the demonstration he simply used a voice command “Xbox on” to turn on the console. The rest of the demo verified that the new console’s interface is heavily integrated with Kinect.

Multi-tasking on the system was shown through the usage of both voice and gestures which flawlessly switched between television, music, gaming and Internet Explorer applications. You can grab and drag panes, swipe the screen, call on your favorite shows, look at what’s trending and more.

It’s unsure as to whether the console will work with cable providers but from the look of things it might. The Xbox One Guide provides full local TV listings and as with everything, you can use voice commands to switch between channels on the fly.

Forza 5 and Quantum Break are just two of the fifteen exclusive titles Microsoft plans to release in the Xbox One launch year.

Sports titles like FIFA 14 and NFL 25 will be huge on Xbox One thanks to the next gen EA Sports Ignite engine.

And this is just the first chapter of what Xbox One has to offer. Expect more during E3 2013!