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Microsoft Partners with NFL for the Xbox One

Microsoft announced during its live Xbox Reveal event a partnership with the NFL for the Xbox One (Xbone? The One?). The partnership will entail exclusive content for the Xbox One, which according to Don Mattrick and Roger Goodell, will give NFL fans the ultimate viewing experience.

During the video, we got to see the Xbox One handle what Microsoft called “snap” mode. Using the snap feature allows the audience the capability to watch a live NFL game while simultaneously displaying fantasy football stats as they are instantly updated in the fantasy app.

Skype was a heavily touted feature, which they showed before the fantasy segment as a precursor to bragging before the win. Of course with the snap mode, you can watch live, update your fantasy and video chat your friends with taunts all at the command of your voice.

Goodell said it will be “easier to watch football with the device, and a better experience.” From what I say, I agree. “Exclusive content” through SmartGlass and Kinect is also a priority. Though we weren’t told what that might entail, the collaboration between SmartGlass, Kinect and the Xbox One controller was also a driving theme throughout the presentation.