Watch Exotic Cars Roll In This Gran Turismo 6 Concept Footage

Gran Turismo 6
It seems that we finally have some word on what could possibly be The Last Great PS3 Exclusive. Yes folks, Polyphony Digital have released a video of Gran Turismo 6, and it looks pretty awesome.

This game will mark the last GT title developed for the platform, and while this isn’t exactly in-game footage, we do know that Polyphony has been working on the game for over three years and that they’re pushing the hardware to the limit.

As explained last week Gran Turismo 6 will include 1200 cars, 33 locations, and 71 layouts with 7 new locations in addition to those included in GT5.

One of the new locations in Gran Turismo 6 will include the UK’s Silverstone circuit, and it “takes the real driving simulator experience to a whole new level” according to the developers.

Hopefully, more information will be revealed about the PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo 6 game at the upcoming E3 and Gamescom conferences later this year.

GT6 may or may not end up being ported over to the PS4, but for now it will be on the PS3.