15 Exclusive Titles Announced for Xbox One

Now that the Xbox One has been officially announced, there’s news flooding in about the console and how it will change the future of gaming. With gaming being the important part, we need to know more about the games that we will see on this upcoming console.

At the reveal event, Phil Spencer from Microsoft Studios confirmed that in the first year of its life, 15 exclusive titles will be available on Xbox One, eight of those being original intellectual properties.

Very few game titles were officially announced, but we did get to see clips of Forza Motorsport 5Quantum Break, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. Of those titles, Quantum Break is the only new IP which suggests that it may be one of the eight new series being added to the Xbox One library. Alongside these were mentions of FIFA, NFLNBA and UFC titles from Electronic Arts.

There’s still a lot of games in those exclusives that haven’t been confirmed though. Microsoft promised more news on their new games at this years E3. But what could those new titles be?

I’m guessing that one of the eight original exclusives is going to be Halo 5, possibly even followed by Halo 6 considering the 12 month time frame we have to work with. Halo 4 was confirmed a long time ago to be part of a brand new trilogy, so it makes sense that we’ll see the continuation of its franchise on the next Xbox console.

I imagine that there will be a new Gears of War as well since much like HaloGears represents one of Microsoft’s core exclusive franchises.

Would it to be too much to ask for another Fable game whilst we’re at it? There’s a lot to be mulled over. Out of all the possible games that could be exclusive to the Xbox One, what do you think will make the cut?