The Last of Us Dev Diary 3: Death and Choices

We’ve already seen the first two developer diaries for The Last of Us, and they’ve really been enlightening experiences. Well, it seems that we’ve got a new one now, called Death and Choices. You can watch it above.

The video goes over some of the choices in gameplay that are available to the player. The developers talk about how they made the world of the Last of Us in such a way so that the player would experience spikes in action but there would also be extended portions of gameplay in which there is a lull and exploration is the main focus.

They talk about how they made the resources in the game so sparse that it actually feels like you’re trying to survive the apocalypse. Then you have to combine the materials that you find to create useful tools like a shiv, which can silently take down enemies and force open locked doors.

Even then there are choices to make, as using a shiv in such a way will break it, and you have to balance the decision of sacrificing the tool in the hope you can get more supplies beyond that door.

The last dev diary was the Beautiful Wasteland, and you can check it out here. The Last of Us will be available 14th June 2013.