Sony Releases PS4 Teaser Trailer

We all know Sony plans to unveil the console itself at E3 in June. However, with a day to go before Microsoft’s new Xbox announcement Sony though it a prime time to release a teaser trailer for the PS4.

During their announcement earlier this year in February, Sony decided on keeping the device itself hidden for a showing at E3. The controller, software and features were put on display, but the actual box itself was not present.

Speculations put Microsoft following a similar path and hence we’ll see a product showcase at E3 between the two giants.

Regarding the PS4, well the trailer provides a sneak peek into the console, showing glimpses of the fan, surface, etc.

Sony’s E3 2013 press conference will be held on June 10th at 6pm PST. If you’re not physically attending the event, you can watch it streaming live through