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Five Seconds of Shaky Call of Duty: Ghosts Footage

Prepare to have your world completely blown away, because Activision has just released a teaser trailer on the Vine that shows five seconds of shaky, production footage of the game.

Five. Whole. Seconds.


Anyway, if you couldn’t detect the sarcasm dripping from your monitor screen just watch the damn footage that’s looping before your eyes up there. It consists of several characters coated in polymeshes doing various stuff. There’s even a soundtrack if you care to unmute it (it will get annoying before long since the video is on a loop).

Either way, we’ll see everything once and for all for good tomorrow, when Microsoft plans to unveil the NextBox as well as some of the games it will feature, including Ghosts.

Call of Duty: Ghosts will release on the 5th of November.