First Official Teaser of Alien Rage is Out

City Interactive Games, the developer behind Sniper: Ghost Warrior, has released the first gameplay trailer for their new game Alien Rage.

Formally announced as Alien Fear, a PSN and XBLA title, the game has now been re-branded to the name of Alien Rage.

The game is A challenging sci-fi first-person-shooter that aims to put the challenge back into FPS gaming, setting players in a futuristic remote planetary mining facility where they must fend off and destroy an unforgiving and seemingly endless stream of bad-ass alien forces.

Based on Unreal Engine 3, Alien Rage aims to keep the look of a big retail title while still maintaining availability as digital distribution title. Featuring a variety of enemies using different strategies (21 enemy types including 8 different bosses), 14 levels and 10 deadly weapons, each with primary and secondary fire.

Alien Rage also features Co-operative play optionsĀ  with co-operative environmental puzzles challenging the player to utilize team work to alter the physical environment in order to proceed or complete objectives as well as co-op centric mechanics where players work together to breach open doors, gain access to areas that are otherwise unreachable, and provide medical support when your teammate is down.

CI Games’ representative Daniel said:

“Hands-on demos of Alien Rage will be available for the first time at E3 2013 alongside the first look at the recently announced action-RPG, Lords of the Fallen.”

Until that time you can take a look at some game pictures showing certain gameplay moments in Alien Rage at the end of the article.

Alien Rage is currently expected to release on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC this fall. For further information on the game, keep it tuned on SegmentNext.