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Dota 2 – West Qualifiers End, G1-League and East Qualifiers to Begin!

After a full week of matches between the 8 teams in the Western Qualifier, Mousesports managed to achieve 1st place, which means they’ve grabbed their slot for the big main event ‘The International 3’ in the Benaroya Hall, Seattle. All of these games have been watched by an average of 55.000 viewers through the ingame client and an average of 65.000 people watching through livestreams.

The final best of 5 series featured Mousesports going against DD.dota and it ended with a 3-1 score favoring
mostly the German squad. You can find the VOD’s for all of these games with the great production value and humor on the GD Studio’s TwitchTV channel.

This next week is promising an even bigger and better dose of Dota 2 with the arguably stronger Asian teams battling it out on the East Qualifier and in between it, we will have the G-1 Champions League LAN Finals which features some of the best teams in the world including the current top dog Invictus Gaming.

The East Qualifier will begin tomorrow at 15:00 SGT (9:00 CEST) and it will have the same format used in the West. The groups are the following:

Group A – LGD, Rattlesnake, First Departure and Dreamz Ledion (who’ve replaced Neolution.Int for violating Valve’s no roster change rule)

Group B – Vici Gaming, Rising Stars, MiTH.Trust and Mineski

As for the G-1 League, it will start after the East Qualifier takes a break on the 24th of May and it will feature a 1×6 Round Robin with all 6 top teams (Invictus Gaming, Alliance, Team DK, LGD, Neo.Orange and Team Liquid), with 4 teams advancing into a Bubble Race format. The winning team will take home 40,000$.

Both the East Qualifiers as well as the G-1 League will be fully covered by the Beyond the Summit crew which features the big name casters Luminous, GoDz, LD and Purge. They will be striving to match the production value at-least that GD Studio provided for the West Qualifier so be sure to expect great things! Head over to their TwitchTV channel to watch all the action live.