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The Last of Us to be Available on PSN on Launch Day

Naughty Dog has revealed that The Last of Us will also be available digitally from the PlayStation Store on the same launch day when it releases in stores.

Additionally it has also been confirmed that players opting to download the game won’t have to wait it out for its completion to be able to play. According to Naughty Dog’s creative director Neil Druckmann, players can install the title to their PS3 hard drive as soon as the download reaches 50 percent. So basically you can play the game while it downloads.

Such a feature was revealed for the PlayStation 4 during its unveiling in February by Gaikai CEO David Perry. However, this is the first time that we’re seeing the cloud-based streaming service on the PS3. I suppose it could be a test-run to see everything goes smoothly.

The Last of Us will release on June 14th exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Source GameInformer