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New Dashboard Update Coming Soon for Xbox 360

We have been hearing a lot about Microsoft’s plans to band their services on all the devices for quite a long time now. Hopefully, users will not have to wait for this for too long now as it is expected to happen sooner than later.

It is quite obvious that it will start with the announcement of the next-gen Xbox on May 21st on a larger scale but there is also a possibility that small changes will begin to occur soon with the Xbox 360.

It is rumored that Microsoft is planning on bringing forth a new dashboard update for Xbox 360 sometime in June or most probably July which will completely change the Xbox Live interface to what many expect to be just like Windows 8 that Microsoft promised a while back.

A reliable inside source from Microsoft itself told The Verge that the update will be enter beta testing phase in late June or early July.

As always, the Xbox Live users will be able to test it if they sign-up for it. However, it must be noted that the full functionality of the update would not be put into the use until later this year as a key component of the update is to integrate Xbox 360 with the next generation of Xbox in a better way.

Some of the fans will obviously switch to the Xbox infinity or whatever it will be called as soon as it is released but most of them will stick to Xbox 360 for quite some time. So to bring about a better integration among players and games – Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty: Ghosts – that are releasing on both these consoles, such an update is definitely needed!

Achievements, personal messages, etc. on a user’s Xbox Live account that need to be transferred to the next Xbox will require a process smooth as silk. Therefore, Microsoft should prepare well for it.

Along with all the big changes we mentioned earlier, elimination of Microsoft Points once and for all will also be a major part of the update. We hope to hear more about the update from Microsoft on May 21ST. Stay tuned!