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FIFA 14 will Not Release on Wii U Due to FIFA 13’s Disappointing Sales

The situation of Wii U continues to spiral downhill, with a majority of developers backing out on Nintendo’s new console.

EA had already stated earlier this week that they currently have no new titles planned for the Wii U. However, today a representative has confirmed Eurogamer that this year’s installment of FIFA 14 will skip out on the platform as well.

The reason cited was unsurprisingly the “disappointing” sales.
“Six months ago FIFA 13 was a launch title on Wii U,” the representative said. “Although the game featured FIFA’s award-winning HD gameplay and innovative new ways to play, the commercial results were disappointing. We have decided not to develop FIFA 14 on Wii U.”

Earlier this month the firm also revealed that the new Madden NFL 25 would be skipping a release on the system as well.

EA was a staunch supporter of the console last year. It published several games on the Wii U including FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13.

Source: Eurogamer