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Details on Game & Wario Minigames Revealed

At yesterdays Nintendo Direct, additional minigames for Game & Wario were revealed, including some familiar faces from previous games in the series.

First up is Island, a game for two to five players, has you launching creatures called Fronks onto various islands for points. Highest score wins.

Patchwork sees the return of the ninja sisters Kat and Ana from the WarioWare series. Using the GamePad’s touch screen you’ll move around puzzle pieces to assemble an image from the original overlapping pieces.

Kung-fu is the third and final game and has an interesting spin. You’ll need to keep track of both the screen on your GamePad as well as your TV. Your GamePad will provide a top-down view of the level, whilst the TV shows you a forward facing view. There are traps hidden throughout the level that can’t always be seen on one screen and you need to safely guide your character to the end. Only by keeping a careful eye on both screens can you do it safely.