Manhunt Now Available On PSN Store

As rumored earlier, Manhunt is finally up for grab at Playstation Network store for Playstation 3.

Manhunt put the players in the boots of James Earl Cash, a former prisoner in Carcer City who awakens from deadly injection compartment just to realize that he is about to get a fate probably hurtful than the death itself – as you have been enrolled in a notorious TV reality show where you must kill to survive or get killed yourself.

Now you must survive as your fate has to be decided by the main antagonist Lionel Starkweather also known as The Director. Escape, plan your game, kill as much as you can to stay in the game and most importantly to stay alive.

Manhunt is now available at PSN store for download for a price tag of £7.99 along with a number of other classical games by the same developer: Rockstar.

Manhunt was originally released on Playstation 2 in 2003 and on Microsoft Windows and Xbox in 2004. And now is available for the current-gen console.