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Last of Us Multiplayer is ‘Best Ever Conceived’

Are Naughty Dog just bragging or could the multiplayer component of their upcoming title actually be the best multiplayer ever?

Nate Wells, lead artist on The Last of Us and Naughty Dog employee, took to Twitter the other day to say a few things about the games multiplayer component, going as far as to call it the ‘best ever conceived’.

“I wish I could appropriately prepare you people for [The Last of Us], But even if I were allowed to, I can’t.”

“And I really can’t prepare you for the best [multiplayer] ever conceived.”

Naughty Dog have been quiet on just what the multiplayer mode in The Last of Us is or how it will play, past confirming the existence of such a mode. A few leaks have come our way, but nothing concrete has surfaced yet.

It was confirmed that Naughty Dog have now finished up the final development stages of The Last of Us, meaning that the game has gone gold and will soon be headed to the disc printing stage. Co-president Christophe Balestra revealed this news via Instagram when he posted a picture of the “makedisc ship final” code, backed up by Creative Director Neil Druckmann tweeting a simple “pencils down”.

With less than a month to the final release of the game, it’s good to see that there should be no more delays.

The Last of Us is due to launch on June 14 after a short delay from it’s original May 7 release date. The launch date will be global, meaning that players all over the world will be able to enjoy it at the same time. It still remains a PlayStation 3 exclusive title.

If you can’t wait to try it out, there will be a demo of The Last of Us made available to God of War: Ascension owners a little later this month.