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Final Fantasy 8 HD Announced for PC

Square Enix announced today that a HD rework of Final Fantasy 8 will be released for the PC, featuring better visuals and smoother gameplay.

In the eighth installment players take on the role of Squall, a cadet at the Balamb Garden military academy. He is asked to help repel an invasion from a neighboring nation. However, he soon learns that the war is actually started by a mysterious sorceress named Edea.

The RPG was first released back in 1999 on the PlayStation, following the release of the insanely popular Final Fantasy 7. Square Enix has already released a PC remake of FF7 last summer.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake featured cloud saves, achievements and a character booster option which would max out players’ hit points, magic points, and money.

Square Enix has not mentioned a release date for Final Fantasy 8 HD.