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Domains For ‘The Last of Us’ Sequels Already Registered by Sony

With the much awaited release of Sony’s PS4 right on the brink, Sony has few current generation exclusives left to deal with. Among the most highly anticipated titles of Sony’s exclusives is the Naughty Dog’s survival shooter third person action game, The Last of Us.

Sony has high hopes of the title and it has already grabbed the domain names for the sequels. Although the game will not hit stores till June, yet Sony has already planned for the 2nd and 3rd parts of the game.

Video game bloodhound Superannuation found the domains for the Last of Us 2 and The Last of Us 3 online. However, it’s still unclear as to when the domains were registered. I still can’t tell whether the main characters, Joel and Ellie would be able to survive the viral outbreak. But considering Sony, I would bet that it’s definitely a preventive measure signing those domains.

Let’s hope that the game runs parallel to Uncharted, and then we could enjoy as many sequels of the game as Naughty Dog has to offer. As long as the game has a definite ending.

There has also been word that The Last of Us development team is also working on another IP which may be titled as The Order: 1866.

Tread lightly while searching for more details of the game as leaks and spoilers are circulating the internet now.
Will The Last of Us become a franchise or will it be better as a one time experience? We will have to wait and see.