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Battlefield 4 To Be Sole Focus of DICE L.A.

GamesBeat reported yesterday that Electronic Arts is opening up a new Studio, DICE L.A. The publisher informed us that the studio’s sole focus would be on BattleField. It’s easy to say that now exactly which BattleField they’re talking about.

There were rumors that the new studio will be working on a Star wars game but EA has debunked these statements.

“With regards to DICE L.A, they are an extension of DICE Sweden and are working on the same projects across both locations.” Pete Nyugen the PR director of EA told GamesBeat that both teams are focused on BattleField 4.

This arrangement is similar to Ubisoft. It too has multiple teams working on the same game.

What is also worth noting is that all the people who listed DICE LA as their employer on linkedIn have also helped with developing Medal of Honor: WarFighter. However, after the sluggish sale of the last two entries of Medal of Honor as compared to BattleField, EA has set it aside for better use in the future.