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Lords of the Fallen Officially Announced, Will be Playable at E3

Teased earlier last month, Creative Interactive has officially announced Lords of the Fallen for the PC and next-generation consoles in 2014.

Set in a fantasy world where the gods have failed mankind, players will take control of Harkyn, a human on a quest to oppose a supposedly unstoppable supernatural force. Decisions made on his journey will alter the main storyline and considering the “strategic third-person action RPG” is being led by the former senior producer of The Witcher 2, we can expect great things from the game.

The game’s main storyline takes place 1000 years after the dead of a God, whose corpse has turned into a mountain dividing the earth in half. You can relate that with the initial concept art of the title showcasing a behemoth hand sticking out of the land.

“Our team is building Lords of the Fallen specifically for players who enjoy taking on huge challenges, where the odds are stacked against them,” said Gop, executive producer.

“From the very beginning, Lords of the Fallen will intrigue and satisfy players’ hunger to explore each corner of a brand-new world, freely customize and build their own character and take down some of the most epic enemies ever seen.”

The developer has also promised a playable version of the game to be available on the show floor of E3 in June.