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Google Removing all the Games From Google+ From June 30th

Google has begun its annual cleanup on services and products which failed to gather enough popularity. The next block to chop off according to Google will be the Google+ games section.
The Google+ games feature/service was launched in August 2011; two of the most well known publishers, Zynga and Rovia offered their titles to the Google+ games.

According to a statement, “we’re not interested in games then it is easy to ignore them. The company is now shutting down the service as of June 30th.”

However, it’s not all bad news. Some of the titles would still be playable on other sites. Depending on developer support, people can still use the credits they haven’t before during the provided grace period.

We’re not sure why Google is doing this, however maybe it could be part of the bigger picture google has in store for us. Or maybe not. What games are you going to miss on Google Plus?