EA Drops Controversial Online Pass Program

In a bizarre turn of events Electronic Arts has announced that they would be dropping their Online Pass program, mainly due to fan dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfaction would be a small word here, try annoyance. EA introduced the scheme back in 2010, in which the game’s online functionality came through a one-time use code bundled with the game. Those who would purchase the game second-hand would have to send an extra $10 to buy their own code for playing online.

At an event in LA today, EA senior VP of corporate communications Jeff Brown said, “We thought it was a cool way to package up online services and content. It never got off the ground. Consumers didn’t like it. We listened to what they were saying and decided it wasn’t worth doing it again…Consumers just didn’t like it.”

EA wasn’t the only one who stuck with the online pass scheme. Other publishers including Activision, Ubisoft and Sony also joined the band wagon.