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Dual Character Training Being Introduced to EVE Online in the Next Expansion

The next month’s Odyssey expansion is bringing a big change to EVE online. The people working at CCP have been trying to find solutions of various problems in the game. One addition they came up with is the Dual character training slot that can be unlocked using Plex.

Here’s what they had to say:

You have an alt and you just need a few days or weeks of training but you can’t be bothered with logging into your main, pausing the skill training, logging out and then back in again to resume training on your alt. That or you simply don’t want your +5 implanted, carefully EVEMon-planned main character to stop training.
A simple solution to this is to provide players with secondary training slots on their accounts using PLEX. Changes that would be made to subscriptions strictly need to be taken seriously so the research and statistics teamed up with Team Game of Drones to look into the feasibility of such a solution and shipping it with Odyssey on June 4th.

You can unlock your secondary training option for 30 days, including a renewal option once you’re down to a week (7 days). These features are prone to change over time, so take advantage of it while it lasts.